About Us

VGSHPA is completely dedicated to promoting GeoThermal heating and cooling system technology as the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective space conditioning systems available today.

Our objective is to promote the implementation of  GeoThermal energy source driven GSHP systems, providing major reductions in energy costs, reducing energy consumption and providing a positive impact on the environment through carbon emissions reduction.

With our focus exclusively on GeoThermal GSHP technology, we strive to maintain a leadership role in the evolution of the GeoThermal technology sector. By providing education to the Residential, Commercial & Institutional communities, we expose the many benefits of this great renewable energy source technology.  
We promote public awareness through education and communication.
We provide the groundwork and sustainable path for continued industry growth.
We increase knowledge, trust, and confidence among Geothermal  end users .
Our Work
VGSHPA works with local and state Governments, the academic community, relevant scientific organisations and the media to promote information about the progress of the industry and its capabilities.

VGSHPA seeks to assist government development of incentive programs that will enable a larger pool of geothermal GSHP users to benefit and increasingly penetrate the national energy market in line with climate change and energy security policy goals that are in the national interest.
Our Goal    To foster and accelerate the installation and use of Virginia's geothermal GSHP technology by:  

  • Clearly and accurately articulating the advantages and the progress of the industry; 
  • Cooperating across the industry to develop, collect, improve and disseminate information; and 
  • Developing constructive relationships with government, the investment community and the end user community
GSHP Use Committee
To provide VGSHPA members with informed and up to-date information on the opportunities for advancements in geothermal GSHP use and positions on behalf of VGSHPA for contributing to Federal and State government policy development, for the benefit of VGSHPA members and the community as a whole.
Economic Committee
Assists in the development of strategy, submissions and advocacy to bring about changes to current policies and incentives available for GeoThermal GSHP technology use throughout Virginia. 
Electricity Market Committee
The VGSHPA Committee will advocate on the role that  GeoThermal GSHP technology can play in meeting Virginia's desired energy mix to achieve the Renewable Energy Use Target through energy supplier's incentive programs and promotions.
A professional consortium of ...

contractors, manufacturers, engineers, utilities, educators and others dedicated to the promotion and growth of Virginia’s Geothermal heating and cooling industry